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Second-Hand Furniture

My friend would never even consider second-hand furniture in her house unless it was an antique passed down through the family. Our house, on the other hand, is full of them and we are so happy and proud!

Almost all the bedrooms are full of furniture that was from my grandparent's house or purchased on Craigslist (with new box springs and mattresses of course). The living room is the same, except for the couch and two chairs.

My favorite piece was actually garbage-picked. We saw it on the side of the road by someone's driveway and just couldn't believe they were throwing it out. In fact, we stopped and asked just to make sure! My husband did have to refinish it, which he has done to numerous pieces that we own, and it turned out beautifully!
We have saved so much money over the years not buying brand new furniture, and we have received many compliments on the pieces we bought second-hand. Add in the whole environmental aspect of this and it is a win-win situation. 
Do you …

Open Spaces = Less Stress

Sitting in a room that is spacious, and free from clutter, can really add peace to your life and reduce stress. We found this out recently by accident after selling our dining room table. Ever since we got the table sixteen years ago, I think we used it once as a dining table, and all the rest of the time as a buffet table for Christmas. It was a beautiful, cherry wood, claw foot, Queen Anne style table, but it was just sitting there. Oh yes, it was a great place to store things, and many times throughout the year I would have to sift through the piles on it and put things away. However, we just didn't use it enough as a dining room table to justify the space it took up. (See how full of furniture this room was?)

This past winter, we sold the table which opened up a big part of the room. That led to eliminating and moving some furniture around in the combination living/dining room, and we were instantly amazed at how open and peaceful the room was. By just reducing some of the fur…

How Do You Define Wealth?

After reading this blog post "We Are Wealthy. And Why It Matters," I was immediately struck by the fact that no one I know considers themselves wealthy. Why is that? I know I define wealthy as always having enough (plus extra) money, and if someone stopped me on the street and asked me if I am wealthy, I would probably answer "No" just out of habit. However, once I stop and think about it, my family and I are very wealthy.

We own a home, filled with all the comforts we need. We have multiple items of clothing to wear, many choices of food to eat, televisions, cable TV, internet, multiple computers and smart phones, shoes, patio furniture, etc. etc. the list goes on. We are so blessed with all we have and the real wealth is that we have the health and ability to enjoy it together. We are so well taken care of, but don't appreciate it enough.
How can you feel wealthy even if you don't have a million dollars in the bank?

Enjoy the things you already own

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Welcome to Try a Simple Life! My goal is to help you find ways to simplify your life, reduce stress, and enjoy the moment. I specifically chose the word "try" for the title of this blog because the best we can do is try, and often, try again, until we find something that works for us.

Having a simple life means different things to different people. For some, less possessions may be a goal. Others, want to try homesteading - growing and making of all your own food, and using natural products. For many, it means less stress, and more time to enjoy your family and life. I'm sure there are many other definitions - uniquely individual to you.

Everyone is a unique individual. No two families are the same. Every circumstance is different. However, there are things that we can learn and share to bring peace and contentment to our lives, such as catching the small moment when a beautiful sunset reflects in your home.

Hopefully you will find some ideas here to help simplify your l…