Open Spaces = Less Stress

Sitting in a room that is spacious, and free from clutter, can really add peace to your life and reduce stress. We found this out recently by accident after selling our dining room table. Ever since we got the table sixteen years ago, I think we used it once as a dining table, and all the rest of the time as a buffet table for Christmas. It was a beautiful, cherry wood, claw foot, Queen Anne style table, but it was just sitting there. Oh yes, it was a great place to store things, and many times throughout the year I would have to sift through the piles on it and put things away. However, we just didn't use it enough as a dining room table to justify the space it took up. (See how full of furniture this room was?)

This past winter, we sold the table which opened up a big part of the room. That led to eliminating and moving some furniture around in the combination living/dining room, and we were instantly amazed at how open and peaceful the room was. By just reducing some of the furniture in it, it sure felt much bigger, and more peaceful. This spurred us to take the next step that we had been talking about for years, removing the carpeting and installing hard-wood floors.

The bigger benefit of all of this however, was not just how nice the floors look, but the fact that they made the rooms feel even bigger and more open. We repeated the process in our family room as well, which also gave us a chance to analyze what we kept as we moved things back into the rooms.

Some might say the room feels barren and cold when she sees it. And yes, the floors do make things echo a bit; but I feel so much more calm, and the rooms feel so much more clean. It has definitely created a more peaceful, less stressful atmosphere to our home.

Space lets you breathe, and lightens the soul.

Reducing clutter helps rooms feel cleaner and larger. It also reduces the physical stuff that can be weighing down our lives even though we don't realize it. Now, each piece of furniture that is left in the room has a very important purpose and meaning. I have less to clean, and more openness around me. Is there a room that you have or could make more spacious by eliminating some furniture?