A Low Stress Life

A stress-free life, in my opinion, is impossible to achieve. There will always be something that will cause you stress. Water leaking in the house after a heavy rain, flat tires on cars, personality conflicts, etc. However, I firmly believe in a low-stress life, which is what we are aiming for as we simplify our life.

How would this life look? It will look different for everyone, but for myself, I appreciate every day that I come home from work and have very little I have to do. Basically, I have time. Time to cook a healthy dinner, time to talk with my family, time to go for a walk or read a book. The bottom line is we have time to do things we enjoy. Our weekends are not booked solid with activities we need to run to. We have flexibility in deciding when we are going to do things. Yes there are household chores, but these are part of life. 

When our children were younger they were not involved in team or club sports, so their time was theirs to do as they wished. They had time to do homework without feeling rushed, and time to play with friends. They developed hobbies that were flexible, enjoyable, and varied. We ate dinner together every, single night at 6pm - a routine they counted on. Only when part time jobs came into the picture, was someone absent from the table. 

There are peaks of busyness, and moments of stress, but they don't dominate our life. Try to imagine a low stress life for yourself. If that includes more time and less demands, look for one thing that will free up a little time for you. The key is to not replace that time with another chore or obligation, to instead replace it with something that you enjoy.