Clothes: Men vs Women

Lately I have been reading a few blog posts about clothes - including decluttering your closet, creating a mix and match wardrobe, when to get rid of children's clothes, and wearing only one thing to work every day (via Joshua Becker.) None of them had resonated with me yet, until I read the last article. I'm not sure why, as all the articles talked about paring down our clothing supply, but this one was the one that made the light bulb go off.

In the article, the author talks about her decision to wear the exact same clothes to work every day. She went out and bought multiples of the exact same shirt and pants. Many people  wear a uniform such as this - fast food workers, the grocery workers at the store my son works at, and hospital workers to name a few, but the rest of us have the "freedom" to wear clothes we choose. It is this freedom of choice that creates the problem, because we have so many choices it becomes overwhelming and inefficient.

The author also talks about how men wear essentially the same thing every day. My husband has often mentioned how lucky he is that styles for men never change. He has three types of tops: t-shirts, polo shirts and button-down shirts, plus three types of bottoms: cargo shorts, jeans and dress pants. Once in a while he will put on a sweater, but very rarely. This has been consistent since we have been married 26 years ago.

There is no way you could ever summarize the types of clothing I have had for the last 26 years. It would include so many different styles of blouses, shirts, knit tops, sweaters, camis, shells, tank tops, dress pants, jeans, capris, denim shorts, kahki shorts, skirts, dresses etc. And how many of them did I really, really like? Very few as I seem to be buying something new each season.

After reading this article, I asked myself what I would buy if I could only wear one thing to work? Immediately I knew my answer. There are two types of shirts I like; I could easily get them for every day, and a little dressier for work. Add a couple pairs of dress pants, jeans and shorts, and finally some cardigans for winter and I am set. A simple, man-like wardrobe, that includes only things I really like.

While I am tempted to ditch my clothing and buy all new things that fit these guidelines, I realize it is more practical to start getting rid of things, and slowly buy only items that fit my new guidelines. Plus, this gives me a chance to see if what I imagine in my mind will actually work.

What would you wear if you could only wear one thing?