Fixing it Yourself - Money vs Stress

Owning anything involves having to fix it if it breaks. This could be your bike, your car, appliances in your home (large and small), clothing, and the list goes on. If you own anything, it could break.

We try to fix everything we can. Recently, it seems like fixing things is turning into a part time job for my husband. Stress enters the situation when you need to learn how to fix it, or when time is at a premium and you really need that item to work. Or, you have the time, but would like to be doing something else.

Despite the stress, we realize that fixing things saves us a lot of money. For us, this is usually worth the stress involved. Avoiding an $89 service fee to replace the broken cable on our garage door is worth the hour (or two) it will take us to learn to fix it.

However, there have been times when we make the decision to pay someone to fix it. Maybe we don't have the right tools and it isn't worth buying them. Maybe the risk of a mistake isn't worth it. Every once in a while, our time isn't worth it.

How do you decide whether to fix something yourself or pay someone to do it?