Life Is....

Two days ago, I wrote about having a low-stress life, because I am a realist in that life is not stress free. As I mentioned in that post, life includes chores. Yes, chores. Life is not a permanent vacation, and the goal of a simple life is not a permanent vacation. Vacations are temporary, and unsustainable. Life, however, is permanent and very sustainable. However, we need to accept it for what it is.

What else does life include besides chores? Happiness, sadness, anger, stress, joy, surprises (good and bad), juggling schedules, disagreements, new friends, old friends, excitement, faith, disappointments, children, pets, family, homes, etc. All of these make up our lives. The goal of a simple life is not to make all the unhappy things disappear, but to make things less chaotic and stressful, and to enjoy what we have.

For example, I mentioned in that post that sometimes a roof will leak in the rain. Yes, that happened to us last week, a small leak in the fireplace flashing. While that is stressful, what really helped us was that we had time to fix it; and because my husband has learned to do many home improvement projects over the years due to our frugalness, he knew how to fix it with minimal cost - a tube of caulk. Therefore, the situation was much less stressful than it could have been.

Another very important piece of a simple life is to enjoy what we have. Every day I am trying to find things to appreciate and be happy about. If I only focus on the negative parts of life, all too soon, I am feeling stressed and unhappy. Instead, I need to recognize small, happy moments. A song on the radio, flowers blooming in the yard, talking to our son, an email from a friend. Sometimes I need to look for these moments, and when I look, I will find them.

Life is made up of many things; having the time to handle the hard parts and the disposition to realize that we have many happy parts, are the benefits of developing a simple life.