Red Lights

Last year I started a new job and my commute went from 10 minutes of small town/country driving, to 35 minutes directly into the city. Some days I can get there with mostly green lights, but other days I have to stop at many red lights.

For a couple of months this winter, I was getting really stressed out if my commute was even a minute longer, and the red lights were adding to the stress. To me, they stopped progress.

Then one day, there was an amazing sunrise and I was happy to stop at the red light and admire it. This went on all week, and each day's sunrise was as pretty as the prior's.
When we have a family, we are often interrupted during a task we want to finish. How we view these interruptions is what adds stress to our lives.

Do we view interruptions as I originally did with the red lights, something that is stopping our progress? Or, can we view these interruptions as something positive, like the chance to help someone in our family and light up their day, like the sunrise lit up mine?