Some Day

I am definitely a "some day" type of person. Whether it is getting around to a chore or dealing with a piece of mail, I tend to put things off. My husband, on the other hand, is very good at doing something right away. If a bill comes in the mail - taken care of. If we buy supplies at the hardware store to do something (like new fencing for my garden) he does it right away. The reason he does this is he knows something else will need to be done, and he doesn't want things piling up.

In trying to create a more simple life, both methods can work. Mine is less stress for me as I don't like to have to do something immediately. I always get things done, when I have time and the desire to do them. His way gets things done and out of the way so you don't have to think about them or feel there is always a list of things to do. It is along the lines of the "only touch it once" method of dealing with mail and email.

Which way creates a more simple life for you?