The Land

The Land - Bells ring, angels sing - at least in my husband's head whenever he hears these words! After years of going deer hunting with my cousins, and then his friend, my husband finally realized his dream of having his own hunting land. About five years ago, he seriously started looking for land. He knew the area of the state he wanted to be in, looked at many parcels of land, before finding one that many most of his requirements.
The Land is in the west-central part of the state, with hills, fields, woods, pastures, and a stream. It is large enough for hunting safely (32 acres) and has a lot of road frontage - important to us as so many places had just tiny or shared access to a road. The biggest downside was the 3 hour drive and lack of a building.
We mulled over many different housing options, but the most practical option was a pole barn that could be used for storage and "camping." And we "camp" year round thanks to a wood stove and some good insulation. The neighborhood is wonderful as we are on the edge of an Amish community, and have really great neighbors who keep an eye out for the place when we aren't there. We rent out the pastures to an Amish farmer for his cows and horses, and another neighbor plants hay and corn in the tillable areas. We have harvested three deer from there and one tasted amazingly good.
The seasons come and go, trees fall and get cut up (secretly I think my husband loves that part) and fences need mending to keep the cows in. Our son snowboards in the winter and tools around on the ATV year round, so we really get our use out of owning it. When we bought it, family members asked us if we were going to retire there. A quick No was always my answer, but I have learned to never say never, and now the answer is uncertain. The distance from a town and stores, along with the dangerous, snow covered hills in the winter are two of my biggest concerns. In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy it as much as we can.