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Warranties - Are They Worth It?

In the past week, we have had two situations where things broke under warranty. We have always religiously saved all our receipts and warranty information for just this purpose. However, things didn't work out this time.

The fork on our son's 4 month-old mountain bike broke and was covered under warranty. The terms of using the warranty were not convenient, and our son didn't want another fork from that company that might just break. Thus, he chose to buy a good one that will be reliable (even though it costs half the price of the bike.)

Our car battery was going and when tested at a local auto store, registered as a bad battery when resistance was put on it. We drove to the store we purchased it at, and since it still started the car they wouldn't honor the warranty.  Despite our disagreement, they would not honor it and were very rude about it. By this point, it was only a partial replacement, and we had no idea how much we would get in return making it possibly not …

Updating Our House

Over the past few months, we have been updating our home, things like flooring, paint, etc. It started with wood floors to replace carpeting that was 20+ years old and really hard to keep clean any longer. That led to decluttering (loved that!), a tile backsplash in the kitchen and now some painting. The wood floors were an instant success and worth every ounce of my husband’s diligence and sweat putting them in. It is so easy to clean the floors, helped us declutter, and overall improved the look of the house. In other words, they made our lives more simple.
We should have stopped there. The kitchen backsplash was added to “modernize” our kitchen. The new paint colors are being chosen for the same reason. Neither simplified our lives, in fact they created an inordinate amount of stress. Stress from choosing the “right” colors to installing the tilework (which ended up costing us money to hire someone.)
Why do we feel we have to change something that is really OK in the first place?…

Time for Exercise

My exercise routine over the last ten years has been a non-routine. In fact, I don't even think I could find a pattern if I tried. I have walked, biked and done floor exercises, but could never stick to a routine.

Why didn't I stick with anything? My excuse was either the weather (for biking) or I was too tired to do a major work out at night.This year was starting out the same, until this year when I decided to make exercise livable. What steps did I take to create small wins?

1. Focus on only a couple of exercises. I chose planks, and a lower body exercise like squats, wall sits or bridges. I like doing ones that use my body for resistance - less equipment means a likelier chance I will do them.

2. Pick a short time frame. I chose ten minutes. Even if you start with five, you can always add a few more minutes, just keep 5 minutes your goal so you feel successful. For those of you that think five minutes is nothing, try holding a plank pose for that long! Even jogging for fiv…