Time for Exercise

My exercise routine over the last ten years has been a non-routine. In fact, I don't even think I could find a pattern if I tried. I have walked, biked and done floor exercises, but could never stick to a routine.

Why didn't I stick with anything? My excuse was either the weather (for biking) or I was too tired to do a major work out at night.This year was starting out the same, until this year when I decided to make exercise livable. What steps did I take to create small wins?

1. Focus on only a couple of exercises. I chose planks, and a lower body exercise like squats, wall sits or bridges. I like doing ones that use my body for resistance - less equipment means a likelier chance I will do them.

2. Pick a short time frame. I chose ten minutes. Even if you start with five, you can always add a few more minutes, just keep 5 minutes your goal so you feel successful. For those of you that think five minutes is nothing, try holding a plank pose for that long! Even jogging for five minutes would be quite a feat for me as I am not a runner.

3. Pick a time of day where you are not too tired or busy, but that doesn't disrupt the family flow. I chose ten minutes in the morning before getting dressed, and ten minutes when I get change my clothes after work. These are times I would be in my bedroom anyway, so throwing in a couple of exercises at that time fits perfectly.

4. Do it!

Really, that is it. Start small. Create some wins. Doing something small is infinitely better than nothing. Some days I can spend a little more time, but I know my goal is ten minutes and as long as I reach that, I have succeeded.