Replacement Purchases

This past month, we made some replacement purchases. At first, I was annoyed that we were buying something, but then I realized that we were not adding anything new to our home, just replacing things.

Is it ok to replace something? Yes, after you have evaluated the usefulness of the item. For example, our blender has a crack in the base and leaks. While we don't use it every day, we do use it often enough for fruit smoothies (which are very healthy), periodic homemade salad dressings, and occasional drinks. If it weren't for the smoothies, I would not have replaced it.

We also replaced the outlets in our kitchen to GFCI outlets, which brings our kitchen up to code. Did we have to do that now? No, but it needed to be done before we sell the house some day. The impetus for doing it now was that my husband had time and they were on sale for half off. Both were good reasons to do it now.

We replaced two ceiling fixtures in our family room. Neither needed replacing now, but were out of date and were on the list of things to do before selling our house some day. Did we need to do it now? No, but they were on sale and we do enjoy looking at the new, updated versions. This purchase could have waited, but we wanted to enjoy them while we still lived here. That goes ditto for the new paint in the family room and living room.

In review, we could have postponed most of these items; however, I do believe that if you are going to enjoy the change, and look at it most days thinking, "Wow, I really like how that looks." then you have a good enough reason to replace something. When you simplify, what is left should be things that bring you joy and contentment.