The Boat

There is a debate going on in our house this summer surrounding "The Boat." Notice I did not call it "our boat," instead it is anonymously named "The Boat." Yes, capital letters and all. Thirteen years ago we sold a small cottage, that was on a small lake, where we had a small fishing boat. The bench seat kind, one step up from a canoe because it had a motor. We agreed to buy a larger boat as the only thing we missed about the cottage was boating. Since we live in an area of Wisconsin where there are many lakes by us, we purchased a 18' pontoon boat.

Once you are on the water, the boat is wonderful. We have many good memories of boating on beautiful, sunny, summer days. We also have many memories of the motor not working, rainy weather cancelling our plans, pushing it in and out of the driveway, attempts to put the boat in or out of the water that didn't go so well, difficulties finding storage for such a large boat etc.

Two years ago we used it once. Last year we used it twice. We used it yesterday, which turned into one of the memories of the motor dying and being towed across the lake by a very kindhearted couple. We certainly feel we have gotten our money's worth, and know we could sell it for a decent price, but the debate about "The Boat" continues, should sell it or not.

If you own a boat and don't live on a lake/river, you probably have similar memories, good and not so good, about your boat. You may even have the same debate going on that we do. Right now the debate stands at selling it and buying a smaller one that is easier to get in and out of the water/driveway, or keeping it. I am all for selling it. My husband wants to keep it. Since he has to deal with all the problems of  "The Boat," I am not pressing too hard at the moment. However, in the realm of simplifying our life, this would certainly go a long way. Monetarily, we aren't ahead any because we would just buy a smaller boat. Stress wise, I feel we would be way ahead by selling it.

Do you have something in your life similar to "The Boat?" Something your family can not agree on getting rid of? Is it OK to keep something stressful for the few times a year when it brings you joy?