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What is your interior design style? Traditional, modern, country, contemporary, shabby chic, southwestern, oriental? Do you have one? We were vising friends yesterday who just moved into a new home. She had done a really nice job of making the house feel homey, so I stepped back a minute to ask myself this question.

We started out with a traditional style: camel back couch, antiques that lean more towards traditional, and very matching color themes in each room. (Traditional 80's style.) We have since progressed to mixing in leather furniture, more neutral colors, but still a lot of wood furniture. Our friend's home also has a lot of antiques, but more of the folk art/country style of antiques. In fact, their mix of leather and wood furniture nearly mimicks our own. What makes her house homey are the small decorating touches on the walls and tables.

I have a few things decorating our home, but always felt most decorating items were just clutter, both visually and physically. Since we have been simplifying our life and decluterring our home, many decorating items have been removed, especially in our living room.

Now I am rethinking some of our spaces. Could I add in a few things to warm the room up? An area rug, a couple more pictures on the wall? I think I can. Her house was definitely not cluttered, but comfortable.

A minimalist decorating style is not the absence of design, but to me a careful consideration of what helps make a room serene, spacious, and inviting.


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