Rushing Through Life

I rush through life. My mornings begin by jumping out of bed to the alarm clock. Then I rush through my shower, hair styling and makeup. I rush through my stretching exercises, breakfast, and phone feeds. I rush driving to work, getting to my office and reading my email. I rush through my job duties, my lunch, and driving home. I rush to make dinner and do anything else I want/need to do in the evening.

Are you stressed yet? I am! The question is why do I rush through everything?

Right now, the only answer I have is that I feel like I have too much to do, or that I always have something to do, or that I always have something I want to do. The purpose behind trying a simple life was to remove stress from my life. I am not successful at removing stress if I keep rushing.

Also, trying a simple life was supposed to create extra time in my day so I don't feel stressed. And it has! However, there are so many things I want to do with my extra time that I still find myself rushing so that I can do all those wonderful things.

I need to learn how to slow down. The other day I read this blog post at JacobJolibois about 5 Ways to Slow Down. This post got me thinking about how much I rush through everything, especially eating. His descriptions of how we should enjoy food really hit home.

I want to change. So what am I going to do about rushing through things? Here is my plan: 

1. Acknowledge my rushing and practice doing something slow - I have tried this a couple of times this week as I ate a meal or drove to work. Acknowledging that I am rushing is my first step in trying not to rush. Then I practice doing the task slowly. It will take a long time for this to become a habit. 

2. Set priorities - There are some non-negotiables in my life that are my priorities right now: eating healthy and biking three times a week. These will be my priorities and everything else I want to do will be considered a bonus if I do them.

3. Make a list - Everything else is on a list. When I have time, I will look at the list and pick something. Some items are recurring, while others may be a one time event. Writing them down relieves my mind of having to remember them. In fact, I can forget them which lessens stress. I also know that life will not end if I don't do these things immediately. The list can be prioritized if need be.

My plan only includes a few steps because any more than that and I won't remember them or be able to change my habits. I just needed a few quick and relatively easy steps to help me stop rushing through life.

Do you find yourself rushing through things? Have you tried to change and if so, what worked for you?