Changing My Reading Habits

I am an avid reader and devour books, mainly fiction. Books with happy endings are the only kind of fiction I enjoy - edgy, distraught-filled books don't interest me. Non-fiction books interest me, but I don't often take the time to find ones that I would like to read. Blog posts interest me also, and I have been reading a lot of them lately using Feedly. 

Lately, however, I have not felt as satisfied with my reading. I am rushing through my reading. When I start a book, I can't put it down; I have to finish it. So I read while I am cooking dinner (yes, I have burned dinner because of this), I read while my husband watches a movie, I read during the news, I read after work. 

Reading like this, which I liken to "pigging out" on food, is not fulfilling anymore. In fact, I feel it is not adding anything positive to my life; in fact, at times, it is taking away from relationships. It is stressful. Basically, I have to finish the book. Often times, I am only half listening to people talking to me when I am reading. Some nights, I stay up too late reading and go to bed exhausted from it. Then I wake up exhausted. This has prompted me to re-evaluate and change my reading habits. 

1. Quantity does not equal quality. I read for plot and skim through the books to see what happens. This is exhausting and I am not enjoying the book. Just because I read books faster and get through more, I am not fulfilled. My first change is to read less, but read better quality books. 

2. Switch from fiction to non-fiction. I am also interested in reading non-fiction; I just don't seem to pick this as much. Reading non-fiction gives me the opportunity to not only read, but learn something and possibly improve myself or my life.

3. Quit multitasking. Another change is to read when I have the time to devote to reading - not while I am doing something else. This will help make reading less exhausting because my mind will only be focusing on one thing, and will keep me present in my conversations. 

Those are three things to get me started. As I have mentioned before, if I try to change too much, or try to do too many steps, I won't be as successful. I just skipped ahead and read the last chapter of the most recent book I have from the library, so I am ready to start. 


  1. Like you, I also like to read. I have switched to audiobooks, which you can also check out for free at the library. I am able to do the dishes and fold clothes while listening to the book instead of sitting down to read. It makes mundane tasks more enjoyable. You should try it!

    1. I should! When our children were younger we would listen to audio books on long car rides. I didn't think about listening while doing chores, or maybe while quilting - that "sounds" appealing :)


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