Save Money by Being Healthy

What a goal, right? Save money and be healthy. Yes, I definitely would like to accomplish this goal! Today I was thinking about our food budget (which is never where I want it to be) and realized that I could spend less money and be healthier at the same time.This led me to think about other things I could try that would be considered healthy choices, and would save money.

Evaluating the things we spend money on, I could possibly eliminate or reduce them and replace them with something healthy.  For example, replacing a bag of chips with homemade popcorn costs less and is a healthy eating choice. Yes, it takes some time to make the popcorn, but it is so much better for us than a bag of chips. Additionally, the whole bag of kernels cost me under $2, which has has 27 servings of 5 cups of popcorn. If you do the math, that is 135 servings. One bag of chips costs us around $3, is full of salt, fat, and preservatives, and is no where near to as many servings as in a bag of popcorn. My husband made the comment the other day that it is just so easy to grab food that is already prepared. Maybe I need to try and make popcorn ahead of time and bag it up myself.

1. Drinking a glass of water instead of drinking (insert your favorite beverage) saves money and is much better for your health. Water is hydrating for your body and skin; in fact, the CDC states that it also promotes healthy joints and spine, something I didn't know. While other drinks have water in them, the added sugar, caffeine, chemicals, and alcohol usually cause an adverse reaction in your body. I know I don't drink enough water during the day and this is an area I am really going to try and improve on.

2. Buying simple, healthy food at the grocery store costs less, and increases our health by not eating processed, high calorie food. Yes, this is really tough to do, especially in our busy lives. Fortunately, our family likes vegetables, and I don't have to make them up fancy, just cook them, or chop them, and set them out. Recently I read a post by Northern Expenditure on how she saves money on groceries, and I would like to try eating less meat, and more fruits and vegetables at our meals. Additionally, the healthier we eat, the healthier we are which reduces medical care costs.

3. Let the fresh air in. It's not just the food we eat that can save us money and help us increase our health. Opening up the windows and turning off the air conditioning saves money, and allows healthy, fresh air into the house (unless you have allergies). The minute the air cools off outside, I try to do this - unfortunately, I am not always successful. Not surfing on my cell phone in the car saves money on my data plan, and gives me time to relax, look out the window, and enjoy the view, decreasing stress in my life.

4. Going for a walk is one of the best free things we do. When boredom sets in, which can lead to overeating, going shopping (online or in a store), or mindlessly watching TV/surfing on my phone, going for a walk does wonders. It changes your mood, and provides for some exercise which makes your body feel better. Even a short 15 minute walk can enhance your day. This summer I have been biking a lot, but I still could benefit from walking later in the evening and am going to try to do more of this.

While not perfect, these are just some ideas to try and get you thinking that it is possible to save money and be healthier at the same time. I would love to hear your ideas on what works for you or what you would like to try.


  1. We love all of these ways to save money. I love having the windows open, and we make popcorn regularly!

    1. It's a good feeling to save money and be healthy at the same time, isn't it?

  2. Great post and great ideas! There are so many healthier and cheaper alternatives out there it just takes a simple re-wiring to choose differently.

    1. Thanks! Yes, we need to try to slow down and be conscious of them.


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