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When Storage Containers are a Good Idea

Amidst fanfare and propaganda, The Container Store recently opened in a nearby mall. This store can organize every aspect of your life, even things you didn't know you needed to organize! (Sorry, I never thought of buying storage containers for the inside of my refrigerator.)

A quick Google search for organizing your home yielded 58 million articles to to help you organize your stuff, including information from HGTV, to these 52 Brilliant Ideas. It is obvious that Americans own a lot, so much so that we need 58 million pieces of advice on how to organize it all.

Did I head to The Container Store's grand opening? Nope. I just drove past on my way to work and breathed a sigh of relief that I don't need storage containers. In fact, since our decluttering adventure began last February, we are slowly, yet surely, getting rid of storage containers. This batch went to Goodwill this weekend.
However, the title of this post is "When Storage containers are a Good Idea", s…

5 Hidden Costs of Our Belongings

The average American owns a lot. In fact, the Los Angeles Times stated the average U.S. household has over 300,000 items in it. Wow, that is a lot of stuff! As you look around your home, how often do you take into consideration the cost of all you belongings? Is that something you think about?

Sitting here in my living room, looking around at all we have, the first cost that comes to mind is the purchase cost of everything we own. How much did we pay for our couch? Or the chair I am sitting in? For insurance purposes, you may have done a mental calculation of what it would cost to replace all the items in your house. This is probably a pretty large cost, and the one people think of most often.

When we want to acquire a belonging, the first thing we think of is the cost to buy item. How much will it cost us to buy it? Can we get it on sale? It is a better value for our money than another option?

As we progress on our journey toward a simple life, I have been thinking about all the hid…

Tips for Times When Life Isn't Simple

Life has not been simple this past month. It hasn't been bad, but it has been different and at times, messy. As we rolled into Summer, I was very happy with the way we had tried to simplify our lives and have time on our side. Lately though, I feel like I am lost in the clouds.

I'm sure everyone feels this way at certain points in their life. Time doesn't stand still and with its movement come changes. Some are small adjustments, others are large challenges. Either way, they require us to adapt and weather them out. 
Our children, who graduated from high school and college, are now working full time and living at home. They are a blessing, but having a full house again has required some adjustments on our part. Added in were unexpected repairs to the cars and the house, which proved to be a little stressful (water backing up in the basement) and somewhat costly. My work has been extra busy requiring at least one night until 9pm, right after a weekend I spent out of town. U…