A Great Week with Gratitude

This past week was a good week, simple, low key and almost effortless. Of course life isn't perfect, but I think (hope!) that we have finally settled into a routine with everyone living at home. There was nothing on the calendar this week except work, which in and of itself went well. With the great weather, I walked outside five days this week, plus exercised inside for four. We ate healthy dinners together as a family and every one had time to relax in the evenings. I felt like I had a good, simple week.

Then I read this blog post, 9 Tips for Having a Great Day. The first line struck me:

"Whenever I have a great day I like to take some time 
and reflect on what made it great."

It went on to say that sometimes its obvious to figure out what was great, but sometimes it is not. I'm sure I have read other posts with this theme, but for some reason, I started thinking that really, I had a great week! I just didn't notice it.

It was then I realized it is the small moments that need to be recognized and appreciated. By expressing gratitude for all the little things that go well during our days, we can see how great our day actually is.

It is easy to dwell on the things that don't go well. Usually when this happens, you feel stress, anger, despair or anxiety, and that emotion is right in your face. The small moments that go well don't even register on our emotional gauge.

Webster defines gratitude as: A feeling of appreciation or thanks.When I stop to recognize something good in my day and express gratitude for it, I realize how well my day is going. As time passes, the more things I appreciate, it's even more obvious I am having a great day, and maybe even a great week.
On that first day, I looked for the really small moments, like enjoying the truck I drive to work, the sun shining through the window, eating a peaceful lunch, and talking with a friend for a few moments.

There were a few other posts I read where gratitude was part of the theme:

Yukon and Bean's discussion of living a "Medium Life", a life that is low key, and moderately exciting goes along with accepting the fact that having a high stress, high burn out job just to achieve the high life may not make you happy. I am sure that gratitude plays an important part in accepting the medium life as the life to live.

Why You Might Be Missing the Life You've Always Dreamed Of tells the story of rushing through a much anticipated event, and missing the experience. I am definitely guilty of rushing through life and spending too much time looking forward to what is happening next instead of enjoying the experience I am in right now. Again, gratitude helps us recognize and live these small moments.

Finally, The Most Important Moment is now. Enjoy it :)