Ways to Simplify Holiday Decorations

As we put away our Halloween decorations, my mind jumps to our Christmas decorations. Well really, the stores have had Christmas decorations in them for a few weeks, right along side the Halloween candy it seems. My mother had a few, simple decorations; but instead of following suit, somewhere along the way, ours got out of control. Actually, I can pinpoint exactly when that started.

Early in our marriage, we attended a church service where the deacon talked about how his wife would completely transform their home for the holidays. Their every-day decor would be replaced by holiday items, and he just loved coming home to the transformation.

Since this coincided with the first Christmas in our new home, I latched on to that idea full force and over the years made, and acquired, enough holiday decorations to completely transform our home for the holidays. I sewed curtains, scoured craft fairs, and accepted all the holiday-themed presents people wanted to give for my December birthday and Christmas.

Each year, I would unpack all the holiday boxes and repack them with our every-day decor. Christmas tablecloths, pictures, dishes, my Santa collection, elves I made, clocks, and of course ornaments, were all set up around the house.

One year, I noticed how clean the house looked when I put all the holiday decorations away and I finally got tired. Tired of the packing and unpacking, and also tired of how cluttered the house looked with all the decorations. The first year after this revelation involved the biggest purge, and I continue to cull through the boxes each year.

What I have learned to help simplify our holiday decorations:

Find decor that matches your current color theme

I would replace everything down to the curtains and blankets in each room so that it all matched the decorations. Our kitchen is normally blue and white, which doesn't match red, so all the kitchen decor went in a box. The towels, clock, centerpiece, canisters, coffee mugs - all of it. I finally realized that blue and white matches snowflakes and snowmen, so now our kitchen stays blue and white, with added touches of snowflakes or matching ornaments. Likewise, our living room furniture had burgundy in it, so I use the gold and white decorations in there instead of red and green.

Only keep items that make you smile

Critically look at each item as you unwrap it from the box and see if it makes you smile as these Halloween decorations do. Do you recall a fond memory when you look at it? Do you admire its uniqueness and spontaneity? Does it remind you of someone special? These are the reasons to keep a decoration, they make the holidays special.
Don't let guilt drive your decisions

As painful as it is to give away items, there is always a little extra quilt when the item was a gift. As I mentioned, with a December birthday, I received extra holiday decorations. Many were things I would have never bought myself; however, in my desire to transform our home, I accepted everything. Now, I as I take each item out of the box, I evaluate if it is something I truly want to keep.

Be Flexible with Decorations

Each year that I used the full blown holiday decorations, everything had a specific spot and it rarely varied. As we began to eliminate some decorations, I started moving things around and actually found that I liked some of the new locations better. A good way to open you mind is to let other family members set out the decorations, as they may seen things from a different perspective. My husband does more of the decorating these years and each year he puts things in new places which make them fresh and noticeable (I have to admit some decorations I just didn't "see" anymore.)

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