Living in the Slow Lane

The slow lane in the Big Easy.

The slow lane of the freeway is for those who choose to drive at a slower speed than everyone else. Ironically, they are usually driving at the posted speed limit while others travel at increasingly higher speeds.

In the end, everyone gets to their destination, some a little quicker than others. This destination could be a physical destination, a mental one, or even an item on your To Do list.

It seems to be human nature to go faster and get there sooner, pushing through the journey in our haste, finding annoyance at things in our way.

What if we tried to live life in the slow lane? What might happen?

Well, we would still get to our destination. We would probably even get there with less stress and angst. We might even enjoy the journey as much as we enjoy the destination.

It is hard to drive in the slow lane. We feel like we are missing out because others are going faster and getting there sooner. They are going to have more time at their destination.

It is also hard to enjoy the journey when you keep thinking about your destination. We seem to be programmed to keep looking forward instead of enjoying the moment.

Currently, I have been thinking a lot about trying to live in the slow lane. Taking my time, and not worrying so much about the next thing.

It is hard. You may feel lazy when you are not accomplishing as much as you could with your time.

However, we know that if we push ourselves to accomplish more, we will feel stress and angst.

Attempting to live in the present is not easy, but it can really change your life.

Making such a shift doesn't happen overnight. It happens gradually, slowly. Small benefits seen with each decision to live in the slow lane help you stay there longer.

Try not to look ahead to your destination, or To Do list. Try to enjoy the moment in the slow lane and see how you feel.

Chances are, you will want to return.

Do you live life in the fast lane or the slow lane? Can you enjoy the journey without always looking at the next destination?


  1. The slow lane, always.

    I agree it is gradual, you start somewhere usually by simplifying and gradually it happens and suddenly you realise that you are in the moment, and the journey really is the bit that counts...the destination whatever that may be, will happen anyway.

    Wow Lisa, seems like you've been on somewhat of a journey. I am looking forward to reading as you unpack it.

    Fran x

    1. Hi Fran,

      I like what you wrote - the destination will happen anyway. Sometimes I wonder if that is part of our hurry? We are worried the destination won't be there. I've also been thinking about how shortcuts actually cause stress because mentally we take the shortcut to get there faster.

      Thanks for writing :)



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