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Seasons of Life

One thing I am learning on this journey towards simple living is that we go through seasons in our lives, and shouldn’t try to fight them.

When I graduated college, I never really had any expectations for my life other than finding a job. I guess I assumed I would get married and have children, but I didn’t plan on anything or have big expectations. Additionally, I didn’t think there was another plan other than job, marriage, children
and life in the suburbs.

After college, I was offered a job in a suburb 30 minutes from where I grew up, I jumped at the chance to move there. My husband, then boyfriend, moved close once he got a job. After our wedding, we rented a house, and then bought a house in the next suburb over.

Fast forward twenty some years, two kids, two dogs, numerous cars, and possessions later, we are still in the suburbs living a "standard" life. I never questioned where we were at along the way. Yes, I did stay home with our children, go back to school, and swi…