It's Crowded in Here

It’s crowded in here today, very crowded. So crowded, I can’t think straight. That place? My mind. There is so much going on in my head that it literally can’t breathe. So much is flying at me, my mind is being reactionary and not methodical. 

Work has been a big part of this crowd. Constant emails with things to do, projects not finished because of said emails. Meetings after meetings. Longer work hours. Getting home later. The constant knowledge that I have too much to do.

I get brief reprieves when I leave work and head home. Thankfully, our home life, while active, is not as crowded. We have a fairly empty calendar by choice. We prefer to do things as a family and not much with others. We like to set our own pace, blaze our own trail so to speak without the permission of others. We like to go with our own flow. Yes, we socialize about twice per month and that fits just perfectly. Fortunately, my husband and I enjoy each other’s company and like to do the same types of things. Our kids are older, but even when they were younger, a good meal for dinner and homework were the two most important things we did each evening.

Our house is for the most part picked up and organized. Our wood floors bring extra space as does the decluttering we have done over the past two years. This brings me a sense of calmness. My to do list is of my own making. I do have way too many ideas of things I want to do, but they aren’t pressing.

However, that isn’t enough. I need more space in my head. Yoga brings me space. I’m just me, in a quiet room, feeling the stretch, counting my breaths. 

But my true love, what gets me excited is the outdoors. Being outside brings me space - the best kind. The fresh air fills my lungs, my mind wanders, the sky - oh the vastness of it is really what gets me. I am a sky person. It helps me uncrowd my head and relax.

What do I do outside? Walk - slow walking in fact. Fast walking means I am focusing on walking fast, not enjoying being outside. Also, it burns so few extra calories for me it isn’t worth it, nor is it kind to my hamstrings - getting old sigh….

Hiking - the perfect way to force myself to walk slow, see interesting sights, and enjoy time with my husband. We discovered this is something we can do almost year round, including winter months.

Biking is also my thing. I try to get out as often as possible. 500-600 miles a year is what I have done for the past two years. April - November though as I’m a fair weather biker - over 55 degrees please. Down the driveway, along a couple blocks in our subdivision and I am on a 20+ mile bike path. Wisconsin has converted a lot of old railroads into bike paths and this is one of them.

Reading books. My current favorite is Agatha Christie. I read all the books our library had from her when I was in middle school. I am on a quest to reread them all; and I am finding new ones.

New to us is kayaking. We tried it a couple of years ago and were hooked so we bought some last year. Nothing extravagant, just simple ones. It’s so nice to throw them in the back of the truck and go. Little planning involved compared to the big pontoon boat we used to have which sat in our driveway most of the time.

We are tent campers, though we go less often than we used to. The best sites in the state parks are those secluded tent sites. We now own hunting land where I can sit and stare at the sky, hike hills and read books.

Look up at the sky. See the vastness? The beauty? Feel the breeze, breathe it in. Let the stress escape your body as you now have all that uncrowded space. 

What is your relationship with the outdoors?