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Simple Life Interview

So what is simple living? 
Honestly, there isn't one right answer. Instead, there are many variations each as unique as the people who practice it. I guess simply put, it is the pursuit to simplify your life. 
Many people I have come in contact with have included the practice of decluttering their belongings as a place to start simplifying their lives. This decluttering helps not only lighten the physical load we carry, but allows us to evaluate our life and the possessions that fill it.
Learning to be satisfied with what we have, or have left after decluttering, is another aspect of simple living. After all, who wants to go through the process of decluttering only to fill it back up again? 
This simplification of our things helps us simplify other areas of our lives, such as schedules and reducing debt, so we have time to pursue positive endeavors such as wellness, travel, connections and experiences. 
Angela over at Setting My Intention has been running a Simple Living Intervie…

Slow Ride

Slow isn’t an action word in my recent life. I always seem to do everything fast. Or I should say I try to rush through everything I'm trying to get done so I can get the next thing done. Whether it's my to do list at work, or making dinner or going for a walk, I just can't help but to rush through it.
Seriously what am I going to do next? Rush through the next item. Do you know what if feels like to rush through things? It feels stressful. When I rush, I feel crunched for time. I feel pressure to get it done faster. My chest and shoulders tighten. My mind whirls. Most of the time, this is all stress I put on myself.

In analyzing how to reduce stress in my life, I made a really cool mind map. As I was creating it, I realized I need to try and slow down in a few areas of my life. Well, maybe a lot of areas of my life lol!

This week I am working on slowing down. It’s hard, darn hard. If I don’t make a conscious effort, I’m back to rushing through things.

My stress is linked to…

My Wellness Mind Map

What does that word mean to you? Does it mean being healthy? And what does healthy mean?

Prior to a last month, I really hadn’t thought about the word wellness or what it meant to me. Healthy, sure that I thought about, but not wellness. Then I was introduced (virtually of course) to @redladybird.wellness on Instagram and her #agame for wellness.

From the first moment I read about it, I was intrigued. Yes, wellness! That is what I need to learn more about, think more about, apply to my life. Lately I have been going through a pretty stressful period at work. Previously this stress would come and go, but it has been more prevalent since the first of the year. Wellness is a way I can work on reducing that stress.

There are so many health and wellness ideas out in the world today. The Internet has created an incredible treasure trove of information to help you be healthy - from diet to exercise and everything in between. But you know what? It can quickly turn into a Pandora…

Conquering Wildcat Mountain

When I hike, I can really let my mind go. That is such a hard thing to do otherwise. If I am not trying to solve a problem at work or answer someone’s question, I am thinking of things I need to remember to do, planning out my next sewing project, reading a book or scrolling through my phone. Hiking allows me to let it all go. I have to concentrate on where to put my foot so I don’t fall. I work on deep breathing to help me get up the hill.

One morning’s hike was a “simple” 1.3 mile hike straight up Mt. Husag in Wildcat Mountain State Park. We took this hike two years ago, thinking, oh, 1.3 miles is nothing. Nothing that is until you realize the first half is all uphill. While I remembered that, it was still a tough climb made more precarious by a seemingly inability to keep my equilibrium in tact. My balance was not there - possibly because we don’t usually hike in the morning, I’m not sure. As we headed up the steep staircase made of logs, and through the first narrow path on the s…