My Wellness Mind Map


What does that word mean to you? Does it mean being healthy? And what does healthy mean?

Prior to a last month, I really hadn’t thought about the word wellness or what it meant to me. Healthy, sure that I thought about, but not wellness. Then I was introduced (virtually of course) to @redladybird.wellness on Instagram and her #agame for wellness.

From the first moment I read about it, I was intrigued. Yes, wellness! That is what I need to learn more about, think more about, apply to my life. Lately I have been going through a pretty stressful period at work. Previously this stress would come and go, but it has been more prevalent since the first of the year. Wellness is a way I can work on reducing that stress.

There are so many health and wellness ideas out in the world today. The Internet has created an incredible treasure trove of information to help you be healthy - from diet to exercise and everything in between. But you know what? It can quickly turn into a Pandora’s box. As I read through this tip and that idea, trying this or trying that, grasping at this technique, magic cure, or must do diet, I quickly became overwhelmed. It was never ending. One article led to another and another. I jumped around from blog to blog. They all proclaimed their method works!

All the diets out there such as the Atkins diet and the Paleo diet, the Whole30 or Mediterranean diet - take your pic. Then for exercise you could do yoga kickboxing, HIIT, building bodybuilding, strength building, and bodyweight. Then there's a whole outdoor aspect to it biking, hiking, kayaking, walking, swimming, and playing tennis. Enough - I was exhausted just reading and thinking about it all not to mention trying it as well. And nothing stuck.

Then came along Sarah and her #agame. She wrote about this Pandora’s box and the need to focus on wellness by picking just one thing. And that one thing is unique to you - not what others are doing or say it should be. I felt she had some really good advice and I could see how my past road to wellness was really nothing but this idea after that idea and I don't know how much of it made a difference. 

Back to my question, what does wellness mean? To me wellness means being healthy in body and mind. And being healthy means I have a strong body and a strong mind. Being stressed, is not a strong state of mind. Having a strong mind is one of the first steps for me to having a strong body.

Therefore, my wellness call currently is to focus on reducing stress. The way I'm going to reduce stress will be a multi-pronged approach because there isn't one solution. The many components could be stressful, but at least I feel I only have one thing to focus on and that is reducing stress.

Our next step is to make a mindmap of how we will we approach wellness - what needs to be a part of our plan. And here is mine.

Simplifying my life will definitely help reduce stress as will eating simple healthy food. Exercise, time for myself and new habits at work will also hopefully reduce stress. All lead to a strong body and strong mind, which equals wellness in my book.

While there looks to be a lot of parts to my plan, you'll notice they are all simple to do. Not easy, but simple. Uncomplicated. Minimal equipment and set up. Doable. It won't be easy to remember to do some of them, or to not be lazy and take the easier route of not doing them. It will be hard. If it was easy, I'd be doing all of them already. I intentionally chose simple items to help me do them!

As the weeks go on, I will write more about each individual category - explain more about it and what it means to me, how I'm doing, and tips for you if you'd like to try it as well.

Once you have defined wellness for yourself, head over to Sarah's blog to see how to create your own mindmap.