Simple Life Interview

So what is simple living? 

Honestly, there isn't one right answer. Instead, there are many variations each as unique as the people who practice it. I guess simply put, it is the pursuit to simplify your life. 

Many people I have come in contact with have included the practice of decluttering their belongings as a place to start simplifying their lives. This decluttering helps not only lighten the physical load we carry, but allows us to evaluate our life and the possessions that fill it.

Learning to be satisfied with what we have, or have left after decluttering, is another aspect of simple living. After all, who wants to go through the process of decluttering only to fill it back up again? 

This simplification of our things helps us simplify other areas of our lives, such as schedules and reducing debt, so we have time to pursue positive endeavors such as wellness, travel, connections and experiences. 

Angela over at Setting My Intention has been running a Simple Living Interview series, and this week, yours truly is the featured guest. 😄  Head over if you are interested in learning a little more about my journey.