The Beach

We are a beach family. Our vacations center around the beach - camping, renting a house on the beach etc. Whenever we have a chance, I like to go to the beach. It is so relaxing and enjoyable.

However, I can’t get to the beach every day. And even though I could go in the winter, it isn’t quite the same. So what can I do? Close my eyes and imagine I’m there. This is a great relaxation tip.

You know that feeling you get sitting on a beach? It's like the waves carry all our cares and worries out to sea. You are instantly relaxed. The blue, blue of the sky. The teal blue of the water, the sun, the white sand. The sand is warm and eases into your body. The seagulls squawk overhead. 

The beach, so relaxing even if you aren't on vacation, you feel like you are. You can breathe in air, lots of air. Your eyes focus on the horizon which never ends. Your mind wanders, but doesn't settle on anything, it just wanders. 

There is the blue, blue sky going on forever. White, airless clods floating by. All around you is white sand, look closely - it is made up of tiny pebbles, shells, and seaweed. Other people are relaxing, playing games, skipping stones, and walking barefoot along the shore as wave lap at their feet. You see dogs romping, children splashing and boats bobbing off in the distance. Surfers are silhouetted against the sky riding the waves effortlessly. Close your eyes and you either see the sun still burning.

Happy people and laughter surround you. "Watch this mom!" echos as children try new stunts in the water. Seagulls squawk as they dive to pick up food on the beach or a fish in the water. Music from a radio melds with the motors of boats going by, planes overhead, and maybe a lifeguard's whistle. The fresh air fills your lungs, as the hint of dead seaweed wafts by. Sunscreen, hot bodies and grilled hotdogs mingle together.

The wind is blowing your hair, cooling your skin, while warm sand warms your bones. The sun sinks into your skin holding you in place. Pick up some sand and let it flow through your fingertips into a small pile next to you. Sand in your shorts or swimsuit gets itchy and you move your body around to settle into a spot in the sand. You walk through the sand and it actually causes resistance, it isn't easy, so you must slow down, you can't walk fast. So you slow down some more until you are walking at a relaxed pace. Be careful of the sharp shells on your tender feet. Walk along the water and the waves lap up to touch your feet. The wet sand is a little easier to walk in. It gets stuck in between your toes, but you don't care. If you are brave enough to walk out in the water, it numbs your feet and makes you suck in your breath. 

Laying on a blanket you decide if your next move should be collecting sea shells, building sand castles, or swimming in the water. Lazily you look at the sky, then lie on your stomach resting, allowing your body to decompress. There is no urgent business. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy the beach. There are a few rules, but those are easy to follow because really, all you want to do is sit there and enjoy the view. 

Inside you feel calm and relaxed, you do nothing but stare at the sky or water, your senses are on high alert, you feel the space, the openness. You don't feel confined as you do in a building. You are part of a group, unrelated, but a group of those out to enjoy the day. There is happiness. The blue colors are bright and cheerful, the touches of white clouds add interest and beauty. Maybe you are looking at those clouds envisioning their shape, a bunny? A shark? Your mind wanders freely. 

The next time you find yourself hurrying through the office halls, thinking of all the things you need to do, trying not to bump into people, or sitting at your desk watching one email after the other appear in your inbox. You answer one, and three more appear. Deadlines, projects, things that can't get finished because you do your piece and need someone else's piece, then yours, and then theirs, close your eyes and think of being at the beach. 

Relaxation technique - visualize yourself at the beach


  1. I love this idea Lisa! I love the beach too - I always have. Not being able to see the end of the horizon or the ocean always reminds me of how big the world is. Instead of feeling overwhelming, that fact is actually really reassuring to me. I also love the rhythmic sound of the ocean waves. I'm going to remember this as another tool to pull out when I need to de-stress!

    1. Thanks Angela! Yes, the rhythmic sound of the ocean waves are wonderful, I can just hear them now...


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