Add Some Nature to Your Life

Gentle winds, blue sky, warm sun. Wherever you live, city or country, Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere, there is an instant appeal to being outside on a nice day. You don’t have to be a nature lover or outdoorsman to recognize the good feelings we get just by walking out the door. A city garden, the forest, a lake, nature appeals to us.

There’s something about the vast openness of the sky that brings space and lifts your boundaries both mentally and physically. The sun makes everyone smile and bask in its glow. The colors of nature help soothe my mind. Interestingly enough, we try to replicate these colors inside our homes, but they just don’t have the same effect.

Lately, I’ve noticed how being outside helps all the things in my mind just dissipate. It's almost like the wind, the sky, the trees and the grass help declutter my mind. I'm able to just empty my thoughts or let them float around but not dwell on them. The breeze is blowing around me. I can hear the wind sometimes as it gently lifts up my hair, cooling my face.

The tree branches are swaying slightly as the apple blossoms are bobbing around at the end of their branches. The wind ripples the grass and sends a leaf tumbling down. Goldenrod from last year stand tall while their dried stalk dance in front of me. Birds are chirping and off in the distance, an airplane drones. 

Clouds gently move across the sky just as if they were sailing the ocean blue. As the sun goes behind those clouds, its shadow creeps across the land. Trees have an assortment of leaves that wave in the wind. Evergreens are a nice deep dark green. At the moment I'm sitting on top of the hill at our land. Farm fields awaken the rolling hills with crops of corn and hay. Strip farming is the norm to preserve the soil. The grass I sit on is really a mixture of plants that will grow untamed.

There's always something to see in nature when you are outside Whether you are in a city or neighborhood or the country, there is plenty to see and experience. For me, if I am feeling stressed, I know being outside will help. It's hard to turn my mind off, and in fact I'm sitting here talking into my phone and typing this post. However my body just feels calm, at rest,  peaceful.

Living in Wisconsin I don't have the luxury to always sit out on a hill in the warm sun. However that doesn't mean I don't go outside. I work in the middle of a big city, but a stroll around the block at lunch is a welcome break to my day. Whether out in your yard, on a balcony, or in a park, you can enjoy being outside. 

We tend to blame the weather for not being outside. However, I have boots, warm jackets and snow pants so that I can walk in the winter whether just on the sidewalk or on my snowshoes when there is snow. I recently bought hiking boots because I found that I can hike almost anywhere year round. In fact the blue sky and warm sun that I'm sitting under right now happens in winter too, you just need to get out of the house. In fact, I just love those crisp, clear, sunny-blue winter skies as well.

If you have noticed, most everything I wrote here is simple to do. Other than some warm clothes, there isn’t too much required to spend some time outside, just a little effort to do so.