Celebrating Contentment

This week I’m not much for words, but I have been feeling some contentment with my life and I want to celebrate that. Overall, my life looks very much the same as it did last spring. The same people are in my family, I have the same job, we do the same things, and I have the same chores/errands to do.

However, when I compare this week to last spring, I see I am a bit more content. Do I still get stressed about my job? Or sure, that won’t end until I get a different job. Do I still sigh when it takes me longer to cook dinner or clean up? Yep.

What is different is that I am finding moments of contentment. Moments that make me happy. These moments provide contentment in different ways.

Sometimes the exact moment has me feeling content. Last weekend we had absolutely beautiful weather and spent Saturday afternoon lazily kayaking down a river near our home for two and a half hours. It was so peaceful and we only passed three other kayaks. The moments on the river were incredibly content.

The next afternoon we biked ten miles on a trail right near our house as well. Beautiful weather, fairly easy ride, my favorite activity. Yes, contentment.

There have also been times of contentment that I realize after the fact. For example, last spring I spent a good deal of time analyzing why I feel stressed all the time and how I can change it. It all paid off as I know realize what my two top stressors are. Now that I know them, I have been able to recognize when they happen, and stop something so I don’t feel as stressed. This has been an amazing accomplishment and has brought overall contentment to areas of my life.

In order to work on my new goal of better nutrition and strength, I am finding space in my life by saying no to new ideas and realizing I can’t do everything I want. Both of these things have helped me find contentment in what I am doing to support my new goal. I no longer feel that I am being cheated out of time, or feel like I need to cram things in. I can more easily let things go when I don’t have time for them. I recognize the priority my new goal takes and am happy it is progressing as well as it is. This has brought some contentment as well.

Chores and errands are always a source of discontent for me because I would rather be doing something else. I am slowly coming to grips that they will always be there, but maybe I can learn to like them, or at least streamline them to minimize their impact on my life. The result is contentment.

This picture was from a bike trip this summer. My son and I took one look at the lake and found our contentment. I just had to take the picture to remember it by, but mostly to remember him. He and I have a similar personality, though being younger, he finds it easier to enjoy life. This was definitely a moment of contentment.

Today I am celebrating finding the moments, individual and as a group, that bring me contentment. I hope that you can find a way to do the same.