Look No Further

Despite a college degree in International Business and German, I have never desired to travel outside of the US. A couple of years ago I did get a passport so we could take a weekend cruise to the Bahamas for our 25th anniversary, but I don’t really count that as being outside of the US, nor the one night spent camping in Canada.

People are always amazed that I have no desire for international travel. When I studied German in high school, we not only learned the language, but the culture as well. At that time, the Berlin wall was still up, and the fashions of German teenagers were of no interest to me.

My brother has lived overseas for almost 20 years now, South Korea, Japan, and now Germany, as a teacher for the US military; yet I haven’t barely even thought of traveling to see him. While I am starting to have a few thoughts of visiting him next summer, it is mainly because I have a friend who is moving to Italy this week to teach for the military, and I have another friend who has decided to live in Holland for a bit. The trifecta factor is starting to creep in.

The biggest reason I have not wanted to travel is I am really happy “looking no further.” When I have free time, there are so many things I want to do right here in my own home state, that we rarely even take vacations to other states. Also, as an event on our vacation last week reminded us, we are most happy vacationing where we can do the activities we enjoy - and all of them can be done outside, right here in Wisconsin.

Granted, I like warm weather as much as the next person, but living here all year, we have also learned to enjoy some cold-weather activities. When I make a list, there is no way I can even do all of the activities all the time, so there is almost always something on the list I want to do.

Looking at Instagram or Facebook pictures of other people’s vacations can have you dreaming of taking one yourself, or worse yet, wishing that were you. I find that “wishing” tends to cause stress because it means you are not happy with your current state. Additionally, vacations are extremely stressful for me. Going anywhere that needs air flights, and accommodations away from home takes planning time I would rather not spend. Sure, I guess I could have a travel agent do that, but when we did that on our honeymoon, it was a disaster (she failed to mention that we were going to Hawaii during their rainy season.)

Also, I dislike having my routine disrupted. I suppose that if I traveled more often, I could learn to make travel routines, but I guess I’m not that motivated. Instead, I look at a week off, or free time on the weekend, and I can immediately think of something I want to do right here. I’m happy and content being outside and Wisconsin offers me the chance to do that. 

Here are some of the things we enjoy doing. I have tried all of them except hunting - many women hunt here, but I leave that to my husband and son. Sitting still in a cold deer stand for hours doesn’t interest me at all.

Summer activities   
Hiking - Ice Age Trail
Biking - Rails to Trails
Boating - motorized
Tubing - in a river, behind a boat

Ice Fishing
Skiing - downhill and cross country
Building a snowman
Ice Skating

Then there are all the outdoor concerts and festivals in the summer, along with plenty of fall and winter speciality festivals as well. Granted the winter list is a little shorter, and I am less inclined to go out in the winter. However, If I were to vacation during winter it would be to a warm beach where I could do all my summer activities anyway, not a trip abroad.

I guess over the years I have chosen to enjoy the place I live. And that’s a good thing as it helps me from always wishing I was somewhere else. Next on my list are many of the states here in the US that I have not been to. And maybe, just maybe, we will travel to Europe next summer - but is the draw of the people I would visit more than the place.