A Stress Free Life

I recently read a FB post my sister in law shared that said we have to stop thinking there is a stress-free life out there waiting for us. 

My thoughts about this went in a few different directions.

Should we just accept that life is stressful? Should we stop wishing for the impossible? Should we stop pining for something different? Should we manage our stress better? Should we look at stress as something good?

This spring, I spent time evaluating my day to day stress and how I could reduce it, or deal with it better. It turned out, that almost all my stress was self-induced. I was either multitasking, rushing, or trying to do too much. Granted, there were many pressures on me, but there were also ways I could change my response.

How I dealt with and approached the many things I needed to do was causing me stress. As I learned to work on only one task at a time, I was less stressed and able to do more. As I quit rushing, or mentally counting down the minutes, I was less stressed. As I created a more reasonable approach to my To Do list at home, I was less stressed. As I looked at my tasks and chores in a different light, I was less stressed.

But I digress. Going back to my different thoughts about her post, there are a few things to think about. Should we just accept that life is stressful and stop wishing for the impossible? Yes and No. 

Yes, we need to accept that there will be some stress to life. Some of it is in our control, like how many things we add to our To Do list, but some aren’t, such as company lay-offs. However, as I have found out this year, we don’t have to accept that we will always be stressed by life. We can find ways to manage the stress that is out of our control, and also take control of the situations that cause us stress.

Decluttering your life of physical items, activities, wants, etc can definitely help you feel less burdened. Saving money for the unexpected, reducing debt, living a simpler life, can help you feel more in control when financial stress hits. Staying healthy through diet and exercise keeps you out of the doctor’s office. Nurturing positive relationships reduces negative feelings and anxiety.

Is stress good? The effects of stress on our physical health is not good at all. In fact, it is extremely detrimental to have constant stress and anxiety. We all have decisions to make. Some are easier, like how I responded to my stress. Some are harder, such as changing jobs. In the end, it is important that we figure out how to reduce our stress. There will not be a stress-free life, but we can definitely aim for a less-stress life.

There will be some things you can’t change in the short term (or even long term), but you can certainly change how we look at the stress in our lives. I think this is the meaning behind her FB post. I am not sure as I am not the author, nor did I ask her opinion, but this was my conclusion.