Escape the Anthill

A few years ago, my husband and I were sitting by the front window before leaving for work. As we watched neighborhood cars leave their garages and drive down the street, he commented that it was like ants heading towards an anthill. Wouldn’t it be nice to escape the anthill he said?

Since that time, we have kept a journal of ways to escape that anthill. The anthill for us is a metaphor of people blindly following each other and marching to the beat of the hill instead of themselves. The anthill could be your job, but can also be capitalism, social media, not being true to yourself, trends, advertisements, keeping up with the Jones’s, etc.

Ironically this summer, I was reading an Agatha Christie mystery book titled The Third Girl. I couldn’t believe it when I read the following:

This was written in 1966, long before any simple life movement. However, it was the era of Hippies here in the US. People eschewing suburban life and living in communes. So maybe the idea of simple living isn’t so new. Anyway, it was quite interesting to see how she also compared humans to ants and the anthill.

At one point my husband suggested writing a book about it and I replied with maybe someday we will. In the meantime, I keep the journal going and lately have been writing blog posts that reflect some of our ideas. In fact it was the realization that we enjoyed a simple life that allowed us to make the observation in the first place.

Well the time to start writing the book has come. It wasn’t my choice actually, the idea came to me this afternoon after a long walk through the woods and around our neighborhood. I had been struggling with a recent blog post. I couldn’t come up with the right way to write it without sounding critical. I wanted it to be visionary, motivating. In fact I have been struggling with posts in general lately, thus the lack of any the past two months.

As I sat on the couch watching the sun go down, blog post titles were floating through my head. I grabbed the notebook where I write down such ideas, and jotted them down. The list sat while I made dinner and ate. Afterwards, the idea hit. In a flash, I found a way to write the article and write the book! Now days of such inspiration are limited so I took full advantage and sat down at the computer to write, The prologue, all 1100 words came pouring out.

It's the story my friend Fran always says. And yes, it is the story. Escape the Anthill: Our Story of How to Take Back Your Life started today. My method - blogging a book, but backwards. I'm going through all my old posts and taking notes for the book. Three years of posts should give me a good start. The taking back our life is my next chapter in real life. My next post will talk about that.

This book may take years to write, but I am excited it has a beginning.  It turns out, I write best in a quiet, empty house which doesn't happen much. Writing will ebb and flow, but nothing happens if you don’t take the first step.